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We make all types of decorative paints, which are Emulsions, Weather Shields, Enamels, Floor Paints, Floor Polishes and all related under coats like Tatanium Cut Cement.

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About Us
Who We Are

Nerox Paints was founded in year 1995 by the pioneer chemist Nimal Deegoda as a coating supplier for construction and decorative paint markets in Western Province in Sri Lanka. Today, Nerox Paints makes all types of decorative paints which are Emulsions, Weather Shields, Enamels, Floor Paints, Floor Polishes and all related under coats. In addition to that we are pioneers in manufacturing Water Based Wood Coatings and PU & NC based wood coatings. We provide customized coating solutions to industrial sector as well.

Nerox Paints has expanded over the last decade and owns its own manufacturing plant in Panadura and operates another small plant in the suburban town of Boralesgamuwa to cater the higher demand of the City of Colombo and suburbs. Our head office, main showroom and warehouse are also located close proximity to the mini-manufacturing plant in Boralesgamuwa.

Our strength is the quality assurance and our speedy production capability for customized coating solutions. Our clients have the assurance of money back guarantee for all the products we supply. At the moment we are engaged in further improvement of quality in our paint products to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

What We Do
Our exterior paints are extra ordinary low cost,washable long lasting weather resistant product. It is with good hiding power and contrast color. As it is not sold in dealer market customers enjoy nearly 70% cost savings.
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Unlimited color selection for your interior walls as you desired. Smooth and washable emulsion paints with longest color retention.
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We are the pioneers of introducing crack free low cost titanium finish for floor & walls. It is sold island wide and international market as well. Smooth cooling titanium finish is available with unlimited colors as your choice, and in wood finish as well.
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What We Sell

An emulsion is a liquid having fine suspended particles. It is commonly known as plastic paint. This is water based paint and provides a rich and matt finish to interior walls.

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Enamel paint is a paint that air dries to a hard, usually glossy, finish, used for coating surfaces that are outdoors or otherwise subject to hard ware or variations in temperature.

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Weather Shield

Home exteriors are exposed to the harshest of elements, like sun rays and damaging rains. This often results in ugly stains and discoloration. Normal exterior paints, sadly, can never shield your wall from these effects. It is washable.

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Acrylic Wall Filler

Acrylic Wall Filler can be applied on interior and exterior walls as a primer coat. Also suitable for plaster, concrete, building board, plywood surfaces etc.

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White Wax Polish

Wax Polish is used for providing protection to various materials. These polishes are available in a wide range of sizes and they give a new and bright look

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Exceptionally formulated high strength one component based Titanium coating material. Easy to spread, anti-crack, damp-proof, easy sanding and alkali-resistant.

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Floor Sealer

High quality smooth and wet look shine with sealent property on floors. Builds antislip and abrasion resistance.

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Red Floor Polish

Red Polish is used for providing protection to the floor. Its are available in red color and various sizes and they give a new and bright look.

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Waterbased Woodcare Top Coat

Water repellent, good resistance against sea spray. No cracking, fading or peeling of film. UV resistant and prevents discoloring. Protects wood from fungus and parasites. Non flammable. Environment friendly.

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Painting Guide
Steps To Follow
Apply one coat of Skim Coat or Wall Putty using a plastering trowel. Once the first coat is completely dried, apply second coat of wall putty evenly. Do not dilute Wall Putty. It is ready to use.
Leave it to dry for 10-12 hours and sand the surface using 120 grit sand papers to get a smooth, flat and even surface.
Don't forget to clean the dust properly after sanding.
Guide for Titanium

Surface Preparation

The surface must be free from any contaminants such as oil, grease, etc. Cement mortar must be allowed to cure for at least 3 days. If the surface is too dry, damp with water before coating. If too smooth make it rough with a wire brush


• Titanium Powder : water = 20kg : 8kg Add 1 Ltr hardnergum in to 8 Lts of water. Use it for 20Kg Titanium powder to make slurry.
• Apply the first layer with a correct trowel or a putty handle and spread evenly on the floor/Wall. Allow the first layer to dry for at least 4 hours; the second coat is followed if necessary. The total thickness should be at least 2mm.
• After sanding the surface, Nerox Sealer to be applied in order to harden the surface.
• For a better shining effect, Nerox Wax can be applied for polishing.
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